Award-winning broadcast journalist, Ed Gordon created Daddy’s Promise, an initiative designed to focus the attention of the African-American community on the positive relationship that can and should exist between fathers and daughters. Through a national campaign and a series of community engagements, including a national father/daughter dance, seminars, engagements and programs. The initiative will encourage fathers to be actively involved in their daughters’ lives. The movement gives this relationship a voice and creates a nationwide conversation with African-American families, ultimately celebrating fathers and father figures.

Daddy’s Promise includes a symbolic component that will encourage men to sign a pledge and make a public acknowledgment of love and support for their daughters. It also consists of principles and guidelines to assist in fostering positive relationships between fathers and daughters.

The Father/Daughter relationship has a significant impact on the many ways social and familial bonds are formed and the way girls grow up to be strong, confident women. To that end, Daddy’s Promise is a sustainable program that:

  1. Encourages African-American fathers to take greater interest in their daughters’ lives,
  2. Builds self-esteem in young girls and teaches them to be productive citizens,
  3. Salutes the importance of the father’s role in the full development in his daughter’s life and the tremendous impact he has in shaping her,
  4. Creates dialogue among families as a first step in establishing healthy relationships between girls and the men who help raise them—fathers, grandfathers, father figures and mentors, thereby strengthening African-American families as a whole.

How It All Started

Please take a second and read the article that got everything started and made Daddy's Promise a reality.

And for you dads, take our pledge and make a commitment! We’re about to show the world that black men DO love, care for and respect their daughters and will be there to give them Daddy’s Promise: A Lifetime of Love!!!