Let Me Give You Something To Think About

Let Me Give You Something To Think About is a collection of commentaries from award-winning journalist Ed Gordon’s popular segment Just Ed heard two days a week on The Steve Harvey Morning Show. Gordon gives his take on the headlines of the day as well as life lessons and motivational words of wisdom.

Gordon’s commentaries run the gambit from politics to pop culture. He takes on hot button issues like race and policing in the black community plus he brings his unique perspective to a wide array of topics including black stereotypes in the media, the Black Lives Matter Movement and preacher Creflo Dollars solicitation of his church for a $65 million dollar jet.

Gordon’s common sense approach on life has motivated millions. His insight on stories that make news will give readers a rare insider’s take on issues that impact the nation.

His commentaries move listeners to take a look at how they live their lives and inspire them to find the best way to have a successful life. Let Me Give You Something To Think About is a fun, educational and stimulating book that will inspire those who read it.