Speaking Engagements

Ed Gordon is one of the most sought-after speakers in the country. You can be assured of a great event when he is your host!

Ed Gordon can cover a wide range of subjects. From becoming successful to insight on current affairs to the state of Black America, he brings keen insight to many areas and issues.

From the civil rights generation to today’s hip hop culture, his popularity runs across many lines. Gordon mixes his words with humor and thoughtfulness. His affable style and conversational delivery make him one of the country’s most popular speakers.

Ed Gordon’s messages on how to succeed and achieve goals serve as great motivational tools for all audiences.

Answers A Need
As one of America’s top role models he brings a positive image that is greatly needed today.

Over the years Ed Gordon has proven powerful in word and message and he’s also demonstrated the ability to be entertaining at the same time. His audiences always leave satisfied and wanting more.

Current Events
Ed Gordon’s position as one of the nation’s top journalists makes him uniquely qualified to talk about the headlines of the day. Gordon can bring an insiders view of the headlines, issues and topics that are in the news. From politics to social issues to pop culture, Gordon covers them all and can talk about any subject!